Infantry Demo

Crysis Mod

With the release of more tools in the Crysis modding community, specifically more powerful flowgraph nodes, I was able to prototype a more robust camera and unit selection/order system. Still in need of a lot of polish, this mission allowed the player much better control over their units and featured a cover system for the RTS units inspired by the acclaimed RTS Company of Heroes.

Assuming Command

Crysis Mod

My first release, this was a rough attempt at realising the RTS/FPS gameplay I'd been looking to create. It mostly focused on finding a way to manipulate the AI in a way that would make it work from an RTS perspective. Early in the lifespan of the Crysis modding community, very few tools existed to support this drastic of a change in game mechanics, and I was forced to come up with some creative solutions for unit selection and orders.

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